Traditional Media

Marketing Services

We provide a wide range of marketing services, such as business development, copy writing, creating web content, and website management.

New Media

We'll make your brand phenomenal on any media platform.

We Are PMP

Phenomenal Media Productions is a division PMP, a management company serving HBCUs and small businesses.


If it's a form of media, OUR team has been there, done that. and you can benefit from our vast experience.

There Is No Greater Time To

Social Media

Video PRoduction

Whether you hire us to create a video promoting your company, training newly hired staff, or entertaining the internet, our production will be phenomenal.

Phenomenal Media Productions is a multi-media corporate marketing firm that creates branding and business development strategies, as well as a broad range of content across an array of platforms. Our talented, professional staff  has created a plethora of materials for clientele spanning the gamut, including the federal government, academic institutions, Fortune 500 companies, start-up ventures and emerging enterprises, along with nonprofit organizations large and small.

We have been in front of the camera, behind it, and in the editing booth. We have been members of the traditional media — print and broadcast — as well as the emerging new media. And, we have experience marketing the multimedia materials we've created.

Now, we want to be part of your team. Let us create something phenomenal for you.

Pod and Webcasts

Our team can make a media personality out of you. We'll produce your message and market it to your target audience.